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The French Road Safety Observatory (ONISR) reports directly to the Interministerial Director for Road Safety. As police forces and local road safety observatories report and control accident data, ONISR is responsible, with the technical support of Cerema a Research Agency of the Ministry for Transport, for collecting and analyzing injury road traffic accidents in order to assist in designing and evaluating road safety measures.


Road Safety in 2016 - Final Results

3 477 persons were killed on the French mainland roads in 2016, representing 16 additional fatalities. The number of road fatalities is therefore quasi-stable (+0.5 %) compared with 2015 (equivalent of less than 2 days of fatalities, while the year 2016 has one more day than 2015). Hospitalized victims, injured people and injury accidents increase slightly (+2.2 %, +2.6 % and +1.6 % respectively).

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Monthly Dashboard

331 people are estimated to have died on the roads in December 2016.
The number of road traffic fatalities increases by +8,5% compared to Decembre 2015. The number of injury accidents,injured and hospitalised people increase as well (respectively +2.3%, +4.6% et +6.1%).
Therefore in Decembre 2016, 26 more people would have been killed compared to Decembre 2015.

For more information: Monthly Road Safety Dashboard - December 2016

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